Free Office Yoga Exercises Online

Office Yoga features yoga exercises designed to be performed in limited space. Online Office Yoga includes 22 easy to follow exercises (asanas) that help stretch your hands, wrists, arms, upper back, hips, low back, and feet.

Each exercise (asana) includes a video in a Flash format and breathing and posture directions. These exercises will strengthen your abdomen, deepen your breath, and improve your productivity.

No yoga mat needed - all exercises are performed while standing up or sitting down in a chair. These free online Yoga exercises are great for people who sit for extended periods of time!

  1. Wrist Mobility Asana
  2. Elbow Rotation Asana
  3. Shoulder Rotation Asana
  4. Reversed Shoulder Rotation Asana
  5. Chair Cat Asana
  6. Elbow Twisting Asana
  7. Neck Bending Asana
  8. Neck Twisting Asana
  9. Neck Rotation Asana
  10. Shoulder Rotation Asana
  11. Sun Greeting Asana
  12. Sun Greeting II Asana
  13. Body Twisting Asana
  14. Horizontal Body Twisting Asana
  15. Dynamic Crescent Asana
  16. Extended Crescent Asana
  17. Arm Twisted Forward Bending Asana
  18. Mouth of a Crocodile Asana
  19. Ankle and Knee Mobility Exercise
  20. Hip Rotation Asana
  21. Leg Extension Asana
  22. Leg Side Extension Asana

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