Hangover Treatment

A hangover is the sum of unpleasant physical effects following heavy consumption of alcohol or the use of other drugs. The most common reported characteristics of a hangover are feelings of extreme thirst (dehydration), feelings of being more tired than usual, nausea and headaches. A good hangover cure should replace essential nutrients lost by the body while counteracting the influence of residual poisons: drink a large amount of water, preferably sports drink such as Powerade or Gatorade, eat mineral-rich foods, like pickles or canned fish.

Acupressure is an effective way to relieve painful sensation associated with hangover. Sit comfortably or lie down, close your eyes and breath deeply when massaging the active points.

Step 1. Li4 - less painful side

Step 2. Li4 - other side

Step 3. GB20 - less painful side

Step 4. GB20 - other side

Step 5. GV20

Step 6. Tai Yang - less painful side

Step 7. Tai Yang - other side

Step 8. St3 - less painful side

Step 9. St3 - other side

Step 10. TW5 - less painful side

Step 11. TW5 - other side

Step 12. St36 - less painful side

Step 13. St36 - other side

Step 14. Liv3 - less painful side

Step 15. Liv3 - other side


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