Ear Pain Treatment

Otalgia is ear pain or an earache. Typical sources of primary otalgia are external otitis, otitis media, mastoiditis, auricular infections. Tonsillitis and pharyngitis are also common causes of earaches in children.
Acupressure is often successful in alleviating the symptoms and speeding up full recovery by improving the function of immune system.

Sit comfortably or lie down, close your eyes and breath deeply when massaging the active points.

Step 1. Ear Points - less painful side

Step 2. Ear Points - other side

Step 3. TW17 - less painful side

Step 4. TW17 - other side

Step 5. GB20 - less painful side

Step 6. GB20 - other side

Step 7. K3- less painful side

Step 8. K3 - other side


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