Asthma occurs when smooth muscles covering bronchial tubes contract increasing air flow resistance. Smooth muscles are controlled by hormones and autonomic nervous system. Acupressure is often a useful approach to asthma. Active points massage can be used during and between asthma episodes. Acupressure can be used in conjunction with bronchodilators.

Sit comfortably or lie down, close your eyes and breath deeply when massaging the active points.


Step 1. St36 - less painful side

Step 2. St36 - other side

Step 3. K27 - less painful side

Step 4. K27 - other side

Step 5. Lu1- less painful side

Step 6. Lu1 - other side

Step 7. B13 - less painful side

Step 8. B13 - other side

Step 9. CV17


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